School Buses
Students travelling to and from school on the school bus are expected to behave and stay seated. To find out about eligibility for the school bus please ask at the front office or log onto the
Bus students are supervised at school before and after school by the bus warden.


Walk Path
Families can use the walk path along South West Highway to walk their children to school from town.


Car Park and Drop off Zones
Parents may drop children off in the drop off zone (please do not park here as it also serves as the bus drop off and turning circle) or park in the car park at the top end of the drive way. Please observe the speed limit signs.
Children can wait to be picked up from school on the grassed area near the car park. Pre-Primary and Kindergarten children need to be walked to their class and collected by an adult. There is an ACROD / Disability parking zone close to the office.